Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mount Rainier...

Next we headed into the woods! 

We stayed at a perfect log cabin.

It had everything you could think of, porch swing, hot tub!

Marshmallows to toast in the fire pit,

and a babbling creek at the end of the garden.

We made some magic fire,

fed the raccoon's and relaxed.

Lex thought we should have this photo taken, 
two bear artists sitting on a bear bench!

We trekked up the mountain (in the car mostly) to see the snow, 
what a weird experience in 25c weather.

Saw rainbows in waterfalls.

And posed for photos

It really was a wonderful trip, filled with great memories.

I must disclose that I did not take these photos, most were taken by Lex and a couple by ginger, many thanks to them both for generously sharing them with me. 

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