Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot, hot, hot...

Welcome to my office!

 While we have been having this little heat wave in the UK I have moved my studio outside. 
Our house is so well insulated that working in my studio is impossible, 
so the only thing is to enjoy the garden that is growing well.

Do you like my fairy garden? I think I made use good of this broken pot.
 Can you spot the goblin in the back?

My wisteria did not flower again this year, it's not been happy since we moved it from the old house last Spring, I really hope that one day it will flower like it has before. My hydrangea is late too but I can see there will be a mass of colour soon.

The sweetpeas on the other hand are doing excellent, I have 4 vase's in the house that I top up everyday. 
My favorite flower for sure.

Our alpine bath is doing great, we recently added to it and made another from an old potato box....

which Bilbo is lying by here.

Here's my hansom chap.

The Arsenal lilies are Lex's, after his football team.

Lots of pots full of loveliness.

Raspberries I'm saving for a pavlova...

with a blackcurrant coulis!

The tomatoes are nearly ready.

And we've been eating the curly carrots already.

This stunning blue plant is a type of sea holly.

And finally here's the view from my office, not bad huh?
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