Thursday, February 28, 2008


"George on my bed"

This is my seal tabbie point siamese! He looks adorable here, alas like most Siamese he's a pain in the bum! Siamese are more like dogs than normal moggies, he likes company, hates being alone, will follow you around the house, hola at weird times in the night because he's cold and wants to get in your bed, then when you've got up and let him in he changes his mind. He sulks when he doesn't get his own way, makes you put the heating on because he's cold! He eats for England, roast chicken (yes he's spoiled) He likes to come and "help" when I'm bear making usually in the form of wanting to get on my lap just when I'm covered in bear bits or finishing a partially hard nose! Or he goes to sleep in the middle of a pile of mohair or the bed so I can't work (I'd never be able to wake him)

Our other two cats are just normal moggies and they are completely different, Tigger is beautiful, the cleanest cat I've ever known, he's always washing, he doesn't really like people much, he's impossible to do anything with, he'll only let me pick him up or put a coller on him and if he's ill and needs pills its a nightmare! He comes to you if and when he feels like it and sleeps in a cardboard box in the conservatory! A normal cat really but definitely my cat, he dribbles when I stroke him and gets all silly, he doesn't do this with anyone else! I think he's a little mad too.

"Tigger in his box!"

And then there's Pepsi (the old boy), christened "The cat with attitude" by our neighbour, he's grumpy, will swip you just for fun then will be rubbing round your legs looking for a fuss the next minute, he rules the house, rules then dogs (they are scared of him) Oh and he's so fat you can bearly pick him up!

I wouldn't be without my cats, I much prefer them to dogs! Even though we've got two of those as well! I'll save talking about them for another day! X
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