Saturday, February 9, 2008

Only two weeks to go!

Ahhh its come around so quickly I can't believe Hugglets is only two weeks away, this is the point where I go a little mad, worrying I'm not going to have enough stock, worrying the car will break down, worrying I'll sell nothing!!! With so much work to do and not sleeping (because I'm worrying about not sleeping!) I get a tad stressy :-) The thing is it always works out well, even last September when my friend who was driving us slept through her alarm and got to my house an hour late it was fine so really I'm worrying about nothing, trouble is at 4am I'm not so rational ;-)
The sun has been shining today so I've managed to take a few pic's of some of the bears I've finished so far, as yet none of them are named!

BTW, we came 2nd in the pub quiz :-( but we lost to the NO/YES team who are lovely so it was so bad :-)
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