Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh how I long.......

for a studio!!!!!!! I am so jealous of people who are able to covert one of their spare rooms or have a hut in their garden like some of my "bear" friends do, I have to work out of my bedroom :-( although I do have a space in our spare room I have to share this space with both Mum and Dad so its not so easily accessible at times, all my stuff is all over the house, under beds, in draws everywhere, my Dad's a very keen gardener so having a hut is out of the question too. A few years ago I made this decision to not move out of home and to cut my hours at work to have a real go at "Shantock Bears" although I've never regretted this I do wonder if its a little sad still living at home at 28......needs must though, I could go back to work full time and afford to rent a flat (it still would be very hard as this is an expensive area) but then I'd have no time for the bears so whats the use in that, I'd be miserable, so for the time being I shall dream of the day I can have everything in one place not have to work on a bed and to have a place to call my own :-)

Studio for now!!!!!!

My old singer! In my little space in the spare room!

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