Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a lovely exhausting day!!!!!

Well I think Huggets was a brilliant success for all on Sunday! I had a wonderful day, it was so busy and there was that show buzz in the air, I was so busy chatting that I didn't get a chance to have a look around for a bear myself which is unheard of as I usually come home with at least one little fellow for me, I didn't even get a chance to look at mohair either :-(

In total I sold 16 of the 18 I took :-) I've never sold so well, so I'm really chuffed and a bit shell shocked, 4 went to Bear Paths in America and 2 went to The Bear Huggery in the Isle of Man and the rest to lovely collectors, I'm a very happy but tired bunny!

So now there's lots to do, I'm away this weekend visiting my Aunt and I'm going to have to take work with me, I've go to get a Hamleys order done by next Thursday and its the Rochester show on the 9th!!!! Its fingers to the bone again, oh how wonderful.x
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